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Since 2001, Trudy Simmons has mentored and counseled women and married couples. She has a Ph.D. from Jacksonville Theological Seminary and is a licensed pastoral counselor and ordained minister. In addition, Trudy has worked over 15 years in the fitness industry as a certified personal trainer and writer for Women’s Health and Fitness magazine helping people achieve their personal fitness goals and establish an overall healthy lifestyle.

Bringing these attributes and skills together, Trudy is uniquely qualified to train women body, soul and spirit. In addition to her regular speaking engagements, Trudy is a frequent guest on the Dottie Coffman radio show, has spoken nationally at the Pure women’s conferences and has been a guest on the Friends and Neighbors TV show.

Most recently Trudy is the host of her own show called THE DR TRUDY SHOW, where she talks with guests about real life issues and how to overcome them, and she appears as the once a month guest on the Dottie Coffman show. She has helped to start a Community Bible study in her area and leads many Bible based women’s studies throughout her community and within her church.

Trudy serves as the Prayer Chairman for her son’s school and is on the board for FCA. She also works with Wellspring Living and writes for startmarriageright.com, a division of Moody publishing.

She has been a Licensed Professional Pastoral Counselor and have been counseling in the Atlanta and surrounding area for 10 years.

She's Much More Than These

Dr Trudy can inspire, encourage and ignite.

As a Life Coach

Life coaching is a process of helping you harness your energies, desires,experiences and environment to move forward with focus and determination....
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As a TV Host

Dr. Trudy is the Executive Producer and Host of The Christian View. The Christian View: Weighing Today Issues and Hot Topics Against The Word of God because ...
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As a Professional Speaker

Dr. Trudy is available to speak on the following topics or she can customize a topic for your specific needs as a single session or a weekend retreat....
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