About Dr. Trudy


Since 2001, Trudy Simmons has mentored and counseled women and married couples. She has a Ph.D. from Jacksonville Theological Seminary and is a licensed pastoral counselor and ordained minister. In addition, Trudy has worked over 15 years in the fitness industry as a certified personal trainer and writer for Women’s Health and Fitness magazine helping people achieve their personal fitness goals and establish an overall healthy lifestyle. Bringing these attributes and skills together, Trudy is uniquely qualified to train women body, soul and spirit. In addition to her regular speaking engagements, Trudy is a frequent guest on the Dottie Coffman radio show, has spoken nationally at the Pure women’s conferences and has been a guest on the Friends and Neighbors TV show.

Most recently Trudy is the host of her own show called THE DR TRUDY SHOW, where she talks with guests about real life issues and how to overcome them, and she appears as the once a month guest on the Dottie Coffman show. She has helped to start a Community Bible study in her area and leads many Bible based women’s studies throughout her community and within her church. Trudy serves as the Prayer Chairman for her son’s school and is on the board for FCA. She also works with Wellspring Living and writes for startmarriageright.com, a division of Moody publishing.


She is a Licensed Professional Pastoral Counselor and has been counseling in the Atlanta and surrounding area for 10 years. Her specialties include helping clients overcome challenging life circumstance in the areas of: relationships, depression, abuse, self esteem, self worth, spiritual growth, boundaries, loses, negative thought patterns and beliefs. Counseling often explores healing and growth in body, mind and spirit as challenges in one area of life often lead to an imbalance in other areas. For example: Depression may lead to over eating, a sedentary lifestyle and anger towards God and others. Therefore, I believe in not just focusing on one issue but instead the whole of a person. I believe with the Lord’s help and guidance we can overcome and lead a victorious life instead of that of a victim. As a Christian counselor, I will work with you to develop the life skills you need in order to be all that you were created to be! Email her at trudy@trudysimmons.net if you would like to discuss counseling services.

In Her World, In Her Words

"I have overcome many challenges in my life, including the trauma of a broken family, eating disorders and the resulting pain from self-hatred, self-abuse, rejection and anger. Having personally experienced the love of an Almighty Father, I have come to know the power of spiritual and emotional healing and how to live in the freedom of overall spiritual wholeness. My heart is to help women realize their full potential in all areas of their lives, to fully understand the love of the Lord, and to walk in their self-worth in Christ. I am a wife, mother, ordained minister, and a certified personal trainer. I am a licensed clinical pastoral counselor with a doctorate degree in Clinical Christian Psychology from Jacksonville Theological Seminary. I have counseled and mentored women and married couples since 2001. In 2008 Seven Bridge Marriage Ministry was founded to help married couples strengthen their marriages by focusing on the seven foundational principles of a healthy marriage. I am a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), am certified in the “Marriage Works” curriculum offered by the AACC and Light University and am a certified PREPARE-ENRICH marriage and relationship counselor through Life Innovations, Inc. I have worked in the fitness industry since 1997 as a personal trainer, fitness model and instructional writer for Women’s Health and Fitness magazine. I am also the owner of a glass label company, as well as a fitness business."